This is Your Opportunity to Leverage the Power of a Multi-Billion
Dollar Industry to Exponentially Grow Your Customer Base.

When you initiate a marketing campaign you’re always looking to stand out, to differentiate, to be memorable and to attract attention.

In other words, you’re looking to create IMPACT! It’s not surprising. Consumers who are excited about a campaign tend to translate that excitement into purchases.

Statistics support this.

Promotions in Australia are a $5 billion industry. In the past year, more than 81% of Australian consumers have purchased a product because of a promotional offer, and almost 40% have done so in the past 30 days.
(Source: IMI International Research Australia)


This is motivation at its finest, and this is what sells.

Promotions offering prizes are proven to ENGAGE customers' interest and attention. They MOTIVATE them to respond to the offer with the ultimate REWARD - the chance of winning the grand prize.

PRIZE PROMOTIONS provides you with high impact prize giveaway promotions:

  • Prize indemnity
  • Chance to win contests
  • Online competitions
  • Games of skill
  • Scratch and win cards
  • Fundraising promotions

Here are 5 compelling reasons why you should trust PRIZE PROMOTIONS with your next campaign:

  1. We are dedicated to developing the most exciting, innovative and engaging prize competitions and promotions that can produce huge results.
  2. You can achieve a competitive advantage and grow market share by offering consumers prize incentives.
  3. You will appeal to your target by staging highly visible promotions.
  4. Our prize contests and promotions cost only a small percentage of the grand prize value.
  5. PRIZE PROMOTIONS' clients know their prize fund and budgets are completely secure.

A BIG PRIZE promotion is one of the most potent motivational weapons in a marketing campaign to persuade the consumer to try your brand and to generate positive word of mouth, directly impacting your bottom line.

When you work with PRIZE PROMOTIONS you will be partnering with an experienced provider of comprehensive consumer incentive programs. You will have access to our national network and over a decade of experience

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Core competencies include promotional solutions to grow sales & market share, boost customer traffic & event attendance, encourage product trial & repeat purchase, reward customer loyalty & offer incentives to attract prospective clients
with an instant win, a chance to win contests or a game of skill promotion, offering prizes in the form of cash, cars, holidays. Online competitions, on pack / in pack promotions, direct mail campaigns, scratch and win cards and fundraising.